Looking back at a year of travel

8 Jan

go to site Sunset on Koh Lanta Beach

https://feriadelavivienda.co/rogeasl0mt Sunset at the beach – Koh Lanta, Thailand

Ambien Buy Online Uk A new year has started and many new travel adventures lie ahead. As we start out the new year we also want to look back at 2012. It’s the year that changed our lives permanently, the year we realized what it is we want to do, at least for the next little while.

https://www.ipasticcidellacuoca.com/cy4hq3wqr Our adventurous year starts in Krabi Town, Southern Thailand. We had just moved there.

follow Yes, Order Ambien Online Is It Legal moved! We never set out to a life of travel or a gap year of seeing as much as possible on as small a budget as possible. It all started with the idea to spend a year in https://menteshexagonadas.com/2024/01/31/7w7w135q Thailand, not all over Thailand, but one location. And on visa runs we hoped to see a bit of the neighbouring countries.

click After lots and lots of internet research – as if that really gives you a clear picture – we thought Krabi would be a good place for our year away. And what a year (and one month by now) it has been!

https://ipaxcabinetsdirect.com/uncategorized/9oupaxu3n3e It truly was a life-changing time. We learnt so much about ourselves and each other. It’s funny how you sometimes just have to get away from your familiar places and people, expectations and pressures to be able to listen to yourself only.

https://www.eastcotesignanddisplay.co.uk/3j3omxis4 In a sense we found ourselves in Krabi. It is also the place where we fell in love with SE Asia. Sure, it’s not all the same everywhere, but definitely so different from Europe and North America.

click here After 8 month of Krabi and 2 short stints to Malaysia we realized that we wanted to move on and do more of this travelling thing. The rainy weather of monsoon season in Thailand was another factor pushing us to move on.

click So travelling we did. For the next 5 months we travelled https://nmth.nl/br4g9ta339x Malaysia from North to South by bus, flew from https://overflowdata.com/uncategorized/gvx4f0vc0e Singapore to see url Bali and spent an amazing 7 weeks there. Back from Singapore we set out on a 4 day train journey to Chiang Mai with stops in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Bangkok.

https://feriadelavivienda.co/uluj46t Chiang Mai stole a piece of our heart but we had to move on after two weeks when our visa was up.

Ambien Buy Canada Enter https://www.skipintros.com/photos/98539/or8utqo1n Laos. We are kind of divided on Laos. We loved Luang Prabang with its lovely setting between two rivers and the charming temples, although we got sick there. Vientiane, where we had to get a new Thai visa, was not so much up our alley. We got sick there again.

Can I Buy Ambien In Mexico Back to Chiang Mai it was (for almost a month). We fully enjoyed the coffee and café culture, the charisma of the Old City and its wats and chedis and even ventured out to the mountain side for an adventurous bike trip.

Order Zolpidem Tartrate Online Beach on Poda Island

see url Poda Island – Krabi – Thailand

https://nmth.nl/gn160jf11r9 But for the end of the year my sister announced her visit and we really wanted to show her ‘home’ – see url Krabi that is. So we went back to the place where it all began, where we fell in love with Asia and came to the conclusion we could travel for a living.

enter We showed her the mellow, laid-back town life with colourful, vibrant markets, the lovely riverside with impressive limestone karsts and the many amazing beaches and islands close by.

https://menteshexagonadas.com/2024/01/31/kltn5mhjw8 You will see and read more of our adventures with my sister as we are working on a series on Krabi – what to do there and why we love it so much. Coming back there again as ‘tour guides’ made these points really clear for us and we want to share this lovely place with you too.

https://www.eastcotesignanddisplay.co.uk/13re2mc In the meantime we remain in Thailand (Chiang Mai) for now. We are looking forward to another exciting year of travel and are curious to see where the roads will lead us. Vietnam and Cambodia are on the ‘next’-list for the beginning of the year. Maybe we will go home to Canada for the summer, but we definitely hear South America calling us already.

Zolpidem Cheap Online We hear you and we are coming…soon!

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  1. Zolpidem Buy Online Europe Thanks for the many stories about your trips in Asia. I grew up in South America and can recommend it. Many of the beaches may not compare to Thailand’s but the continent has a lot to offer in variation between jungle, desert, cloud-mountains and awesome folklore. One stop should be a trip to the snowy volcanos of Ecuador. Not a person in sight but with luck you may get a visit from the wild horses.

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