Melaka, Malaysia – How NOT to Buy Sunglasses

12 Dec
Wearing Aviator Sunglasses next to a Buddha Statue

Mighty cool – but I can’t see much though these aviators

This is me sporting my new aviator sunglasses at breakfast in Melaka, Malaysia a few months ago.

Pretty cool, no?

That’s what I thought, when I spotted them at Jonker Street night market the evening prior. And they actually fit my face and were comfortable!

You see, with my rather small head and face it can be difficult to find sunglasses that don’t make me look alienesque or like an insect with giant compound eyes.

These aviators seemed perfect. I had never owned a pair before, but always thought they were so cool.

Sure, I couldn’t see much through them but it was night time. Who can see properly through sunglasses when it is dark, anyway?

Next morning came, but enlightenment didn’t

While I am showing off the aviators at breakfast there, I can hardly see anything, actually. My husband can see his reflection in them quite well though, and so can you 😉

So that was when I had aviators for one day. By afternoon I had already picked up a new pair. At the mall this time while it was light. Take it from me:

Buy Sunglasses in daylight

You’ll end up making a much better decision. Unfortunately, this time I couldn’t find any fitting aviators. Back to a girly style. It even says Gucci on them but I didn’t pay more than $5. It seems impossible to buy cheap sunglasses around here without there being a fake brand name printed on.

Surprisingly, they have lasted throughout the last 4 months of daily use and abuse, like being dropped or sat on etc. What’s even more surprising is that I also haven’t lost them yet.

Do you see why I can’t justify buying expensive sunglasses?

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