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a Nomad's Dream In Laos

Boy Meets Girl and they Travel happily ever after!

He is a Canadian, born in Paraguay and raised in Bolivia. She is German, born in Russia living in Canada.

Still wondering where our nomadic blood is coming from?

A few more details:

Six months into marriage we got restless. We planned for a year living in Thailand. After 8 months in Krabi (Southern Thailand) we got restless again. This time we downsized to one carry-on each and have been on the road since. This includes Malaysia, Singapore, Bali (Indonesia), Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China.

Even Paraguay – likely the most abandoned country in South America – was graced with our visit.

We’re currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand again and will be heading back to Vietnam for a few months in the next few weeks here.



Internet Marketer

Cowboy at heart

Coffee lover

Sporting a beard with pride

Loves to say: “So geht die Leben” (butchered German saying)



Food Blogger

Bookworm at heart

Coffee lover

Always trying a new dish

Loves to say: “Just Google it”