Chinese New Year – Auspicious Apples

22 Jan Enjoy the good luck wish that comes with this recipe! With the use of stickers and the sun, these Chinese New Year Auspicious Apples are sure to impress.

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Chinese New Year Auspicious Apples The Chinese New Year begins tomorrow! Here in Thailand festivities are well under way and have been observed for an entire weekend already.

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follow url Along with the traditional Chinese New Year, there are countless traditions. It just so happens, many of them happen to be specifically connected to food!


Buy Zepose Diazepam Along with food a few other traditions are greeting family, friends and neighbors with auspicious greetings wishing luck, happiness and prosperity for the New Year.  Much of the Chinese New Year is centered around personal luck for the New Year as well as wishing others luck in the upcoming year.

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Stacked Apples with Designs

Finding These Apples and Learning More About Them

go to site In the supermarket I came across these apples that are combining a food related tradition with auspicious greetings.

follow I was so intrigued and intently curious about how the writing was put onto the apples. So, I picked up a couple, ready to do some online research once I arrived back home. It turns out, to create the writing on the apples a sticker applied to the apples before they fully ripen. The sticker blocks out the sun, so the apple doesn’t ripen where the sticker has been placed.  Instead, the area where the sticker was placed, stays white.  Then, once the apple is fully ripened and ready to be picked, the sticker is removed, and a good luck wish for the New Year is left behind! Pretty cool and oh so clever!

follow url I believe, from what I can gather, that the top apple says something like congratulations, but I have no clue for the writing within the heart. If you are able to read these, would you be so kind as to fill me in?

Two Auspicious Apples with Designs

Chinese New Year as a Tradition

go Chinese New Year is a family holiday, and here in Thailand it is mainly celebrated within family’s homes. So, we’ve been unable to observe many of the details.  Thankfully, though, there are many small traditions we can see and hear throughout our community.

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see What we have noticed are the beautiful lantern garlands decorating the town streets and the extensive use of fire crackers.  More specifically, exceptionally loud fire crackers and other various fireworks being used at any time of the day.

source site Both my husband and I half-jumped, half-fell out of bed this morning from the sound of the first fire crackers coming from our neighbor’s house! They sound an awful lot like gunfire, or like hail on a corrugated iron roof, depending how close you are.  Needless to say, Chinese New Year is a noisy time in our neighborhood! Although it was quite a rude awakening, I still have to chuckle thinking of us jumping out of bed terrified and ready to run for cover! Although we’re unable to partake in or observe many of the traditions in the Chinese New Year, these apples were a neat find!  It is so interesting and truly so unique how the designs on the apples are formed as the apples ripen over time.  Any feedback about the specific messages on the apples would be greatly appreciated and if you can find them in your local Chinese Town they’re a neat little treat for the New Year!

Street with Chinese Lanterns
String of Chinese Lanterns
Single Chinese Lantern

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