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17 Feb

Buy Xanax 1Mg Uk When we first came to Thailand I was pretty stumped at the few options for my creative outlet of baking and decorating.

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Making Icing Sugar in Thailand First bummer, ovens are not standard in a Thai kitchen. I guess the main places with an oven here are bakeries. Not many options for home use.

follow site Secondly, the fondant cake decorating trend has not reached Thailand, yet. In my online searches I couldn’t find one single cake decorating supply store in all of Thailand. Sure, there are bakery supplies, but their inventory has a different target.

follow link (Should you know of any place, or have different information, I would love to here from you.)

go site Going south just a little bit, to Malaysia or Indonesia, things look way different. Cake decorating as we know it is not so uncommon there. Unfortunately, ordering from an online store in Malaysia will cost me just as much in shipping as ordering from the States or Canada. So far I haven’t done that, but maybe soon. So, I realized I had to be creative to live out my creativity.

watch My plan was to make home-made fondant. I was able to find gelatin, shortening, cornstarch, and a sugar syrup that works in place of glucose, but nowhere was icing sugar to be found. The MAIN ingredient for cake or cookie decorating. But I wasn’t going to give up just yet. Online I found instructions how to make icing sugar from granulated sugar, all one needs is a blender or grinder.

here I was ready to invest into a small appliance very similar to this blender with grinder attachment. After inspecting all the options with my husband, we decided to do all other grocery shopping before picking up our blender. While looking for my other needed ingredients like gelatin and corn starch, I was struck by what else caught my eye. There it was. In all its white and powdery sweet beauty… Icing sugar!

Single Bag of Icing Sugar
Stacked Bags of Icing Sugar

click here I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. After shopping in the same stores for close to two months for the first time this store had icing sugar in stock. You will not believe what joy filled my soul over something most people, including myself just a short while ago, would consider an ordinary staple.

Order Alprazolam Of course, I had to stock up, just in case it would be another two months before I would get a chance to buy more of the sweet goodness my creative streak feeds on.

The Back of Icing Sugar
Text on Icing Sugar Bag

Order Valium From Uk Now, I cannot explain why icing sugar was unavailable for so long, leading me to believe I wouldn’t be able to buy it here. Whether it is a really slow restocking system, or if maybethe floodings in other parts of the country were the cause.

go There have been several other occasions when we tried ordering something from a menu that we were told the item was not available at the moment due to the floodings. 7/11 stores have signs up apologizing that because of the flooding situation they are not able to keep up their usual inventory.

Sifting Icing Sugar The high water levels may have receded and transportation and supply chain logistics are returning to normal, allowing me to have this little icing sugar joy. But I had to think that in the flood regions there are people who will still be affected for a long time. You can read more here. So, while I am diving into my first creative projects (home-made fondant and decorated sugar cookies) here in Thailand, I am reminded to be thankful for the comforts we can enjoy and keep in my prayers those who are rebuilding their lives now.

Fine Mesh with Confectioners Sugar

Common Questions

What is the equivalent of icing sugar? Icing sugar is also known as powdered sugar or confectioners’ sugar in some regions.

What is icing sugar called in America? In the United States, icing sugar is commonly referred to as powdered sugar.

Is icing sugar the same as cane sugar? Icing sugar is typically made from refined white sugar that is ground to a fine powder. While cane sugar can be used to make icing sugar, they are not the same thing. Cane sugar refers to sugar that is derived from sugar cane, which can be processed into various forms, including granulated, powdered, or brown sugar.

Is icing sugar the same as white sugar? Icing sugar and white sugar are not the same. White sugar, also known as granulated sugar, consists of fine sugar crystals. Icing sugar, on the other hand, is finely ground granulated sugar that is mixed with a small amount of cornstarch, giving it a powdery texture.

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