Photo of the Week: Imm Aim Vegetarian Cafe

3 Feb Imm Aim Cafe Chiang Mai

see ImmAim Vegetarian Cafe is our discovery of the week.

go to link It is another hidden gem in the small alley ways of Chiang Mai’s Chang Puak district.

Buy Valium Tablets The restaurant is connected with an organic farming and seed preserving initiative and serves a variety of healthy, vegetarian fusion food – meaning you can find Thai curries and fried brown rice, but hummus, wraps and falafel are on the menu as well.

go here

go site In the last week we dined here twice already and are also planning to find another associated vegetarian restaurant located within the grounds of a temple. So there will definitely be a more detailed post in the future with some food pictures as well.

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Imm Aim Vegetarian Cafe

  1. Hey guys, we were just in Chiang Mai for 7 months and we had a bunch of amazing Vegetarian/Vegan restaurants we would go to.

    Buy Cheap Xanax Bars Check out The Moat (Great Vegetarian options…Indian Curry is awesome)
    Aum (Right on Moon Mueng. So many great dishes)
    Blue Diamond (Amazing Vegan deserts!!!!)
    Giva (This is a harder place to find and a little bit pricey but the food is awesome. Everything is Raw Vegan and sooooo good)

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