Photo of the Week: Akha Ama Coffee Shop

28 Jan

Akha Ama Cafe

This is the entrance to Akha Ama coffee shop. It is very quaint and almost hidden behind the greenery.

I think it is safe to say that Chiang Mai can be considered the coffee capital of Thailand. There are fantastic little coffee shops offering great brews literally around every corner. One of these wonderful coffee shops is Akha Ama.

If we hadn’t read about it from other travelers and digital nomads, we probably never would have found it, although our current place is actually very close by.

According to their website the coffee shop is named after one mother (Ama) of one Akha hill tribe village. Following her vision, this village is now not only growing the coffee beans used at this café, but also processing (roasting) and selling them by themselves. Now there is no need for a middle man and more profits stay with the village people.

We absolutely love this vision and entrepreneurial spirit behind the café, but the amazing coffee (probably the best café latte of my life) keeps us coming back.

Our routine these days involves a lot of work behind the laptop screens, so our coffee outings are a welcome break. And with free wifi available we can even continue working there.

There is a calm, relaxing atmosphere at Akha Ama. The prices are really reasonable and a selection of yummy baked goodies is available too. Akha Ama seems to be equally popular among Thai locals and expats/tourists/digital nomads.

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Akha Ama Coffee Shop

  1. This coffee shop looks nice as it is covered with greenery all around. This type of beauty is rare. I visited Thailand many times but never went to this coffee shop. Going to try this in my next visit.

  2. Glad you found your way to Akha Ama. They make a great coffee and I feel a bit homesick for Chiang Mai after reading this.

    • Hey James,

      Thanks for recommending it. My wife kept insisting we find it and check it out until we finally got around to it. We’ve been back numerous times since. Their drinks are fantastic!


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