Kelowna Vacation Pictures + Big News

24 Jun
Family Picture Woahh…things are just a little bit (or actually SUPER) crazy right now! Olivia and I spent all of last week in beautiful Kelowna visiting with my family. Konrad joined us half-way through. We had a wonderful time with my parents, sisters, brother-in-law and my cute niece and nephew. (I am sharing lots of pictures at the end, if you are into other people’s family and vacation pictures 😉 ) Kelowna is just such  gorgeous place. It’s so much warmer there than here in Calgary. I even went into my parent’s pool, although it was a touch too chilly for my taste (I hate cold water). Olivia had the time of her life in the kiddy pool almost everyday. And we even went to the water spray park a couple of times.

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Olivia in Kelowna

go to site Konrad and my dad also spend a whole day boating and fishing on the lake. Being confined in a small space over open water with a curious, wiggly almost 1 -year-old didn’t sound like fun, so Olivia and I didn’t join.

enter On Sunday we hit the road again and made the long trip home. It was a gorgeous sunny day and Father’s Day (Konrad’s first), so we stopped on the way at a place called the Enchanted Forest. We spent some family time exploring the fairytale scenes displayed in the woods. Kind of magical!

Family Picture in Kelowna After one day home, we had to hit the road again. This time on a (shorter) road trip to Edmonton. Still, neither of us felt like sitting in the car again. But it had to be done. We needed to get our Thai visas, because see url we are flying to Thailand NEXT WEEK!! The current plan is to stay in South East Asia for at least the next year or so. If you’ve been reading for a long time, you know how passionate I am about travel. Until 2 years ago Konrad and I were traveling through SE Asia. And I am so super excited to get back there this time as family of 3. Travel will be different now with a child. We will adopt the slow-travel approach even more than before. Our families think we are crazy doing this with a child, but we believe it will be very beneficial for Olivia.

go to site She will get to spend most of her time with actually both parents around, while exploring new cultures and cuisines.

click If you remember my blogging days from our last travels, you know how difficult it was to find Western kitchens. Well, the problem then was, that this was still a cake blog and ovens just aren’t a part of many Asian kitchen setups. Things should be easier this time around. First of all, this isn’t a dessert blog only, anymore. I am actually super excited to share Asian cooking skills and recipes I’ll hopefully pick up along the way. Also, because we are traveling slower, we are also working with a different budget, that will hopefully allow us to rent more modern apartments. So this is the big news. We are only at the beginning of our journey and I am looking forward to taking you along through this blog.

go site As we are in the process of packing and settling last-minute affairs, things are kind of crazy and stressful now. So until we are settled into our first place, postings here might be a bit sporadic. Now the promised pictures:

On Swings in Kelowna
Raspberries on Bush
Red Currants on Bush
Olivia with Family in Kelowna
Yellow Flower with Spider
Little Girl
Little Boy
Family with Children
Red Flower
Big Family Picture
Family Holding Children
Three Children
Little Girl in Pink
Girl in Pink

enter These 2 cousins are just 2 days apart, both almost 1, and loving their new-found mobility

Laptop and Child Sleeping Getting some work done, while Olivia naps in the shade

Child in Stroller
Small Cottage with Yellow Door
Konrad with Olivia
Olivia on Chair
Konrad in the Pillory
Sculpted Figure in Tree
Sculpted Figure with Axe
Olivia and Konrad

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