Autumn in Canada

4 Oct According to an old German song classic Winter is the season to be in Canada. And indeed, I love certain aspects of Canadian winter – its just too darn looong!

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go to site In my personal opinion Autumn is an even better time to spend in this North American country. Walking around Fish Creek Provincial Park in South Calgary last weekend I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the scenery that the colours of fall were painting around us.


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go This play of colors doesn’t last too long. Soon enough all the trees will shed their leaves and the first snow will fall. The short duration of fall is all the more reason to get out and enjoy it while it’s surrounding us.

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source link Judging by images I have seen, the Indian Summer that can be observed predominantly in the Eastern part of the country would be an even more impressive display of nature’s colour game. But I sure love my Western Canadian Fall as well!

follow And I hope you are enjoying it with us through the pictures 🙂

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Cheap Generic Valium Online With such a dreamy fall surrounding at the moment, is it any wonder that I am in on a total pumpkin kick these days? Isn’t it the flavor of fall after all?

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